About me...

I was born in East Africa; where I spent my young formative years, before returning to England briefly before then going off to Northern Canada with my parents. I am now based in East Sussex, working in a mixture of media including wood, metal, ceramics, photography and acrylic paint on canvas.

Mark making in colour is a key aspect of my work, whether it has structure and form or a non-cohesive fluidity. With a robust freneticism in the use of colour and movement, I love the application of colour and texture and try to entice the viewer to look into and beyond the initial image to find new associations for themselves. In some cases I've taken images that I have photographed then manipulated the colours and done a painting. Photographing the painting again, tweaking or inverting the colours, cropping sections or changing the viewing aspect and doing another painting, naturally progresses me further into the image. Other paintings may be done from an image in my minds eye which then follow this same explorative process. A malleable process that takes the image to where it wants to be in any one painting.

My more recent work has been influenced by a trip to Australia and New Zealand in 2014, growing and morphing from there into images that don't necessarily resemble their origins.